Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We have stimulus

It looks like we have stimulus from the Federal government. At least, something that looks like it. Pending more details, some pointers to have in mind:
  1. States and cities are getting less that it was initially aproved by the House. Let´s hope that Rell´s budget estimates were not too full of wishfull windfall thinking.
  2. The incentives for the purchase of cars and housing are (mostly) gone. Both good news. Neither were too good as stimulus, and both were potentially terrible in regards of smart growth.
  3. Only the US Congress is able to have one plan costing $820 billion, another $840 billion, and reach a compromise that is bellow both figures, $789 billion.
  4. No details on how the transportation money will go. Fingers crossed for more rail.
Bonus Obama clip: "The days where we’re just building sprawl forever, those days are over." We have a smart growth president.

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