Monday, February 16, 2009

Bills we're watching

Below is a list of bills 1000 Friends of Connecticut is monitoring this session. To find out more about where we stand and why, contact me.

Please go to for the latest on all the bills before the General Assembly.

371 -- An Act Concerning Intermunicipal Cooperation -- To increase regional cooperation and make government more efficient and less expensive;
384 -- An Act Concerning Regionalism -- To promote and encourage regionalism among municipalities for the purpose of lowering costs, promoting smart growth, and creating efficiencies for providing certain services;
888 -- An Act Concerning Regional Economic Development -- To promote regional economic development in the state by dividing the state into five regional economic development districts, providing for comprehensive economic development strategies for such districts and coordinating state and regional economic development planning;
5544 -- An Act Concerning Regional Economic Development Plans -- To reduce the property tax burden and encourage towns to become partners for revenue;
5802 -- An Act Concerning Brownfields -- To modify the general statutes regarding the transfer of contaminated property in order to expedite the redevelopment of brownfields;
5868 -- An Act Concerning Economic Development Teams -- To improve state-local partnership for economic development and help such projects to be approved as rapidly as possible;
6097 -- An Act Concerning Brownfield Development Projects -- To implement certain recommendations of the brownfields taskforce including, site assessments, liability, cost recovery, municipal relief and land reuse;
6308 -- An Act Concerning Smart Growth Municipal and Regional Provisions in Plans of Conservation and Development -- To require land use plans follow smart growth principles and require vertical consistency between plans;
6389 -- An Act Promoting Regionalism -- To create the Governor’s Regional Incentive Grants; 6463 -- An Act Concerning Membership on Regional Planning Agencies -- To require the chief elected official of municipalities that are members of regional planning agencies be members of the regional planning agency;
6375 -- An Act Concerning Review and Termination of Certain Boards and Commissions -- The Governor’s bill to eliminate state commissions and boards including, the Face of Connecticut Steering Committee, the Housing Court, the Blue Ribbon Commission on Housing and Economic Development, Food Policy Council, Economic Development Advisory Board, Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, the Board of Landscape Architects, Agricultural Lands Preservation Program, Advisory Commission in Intergovernmental Relations, Real Estate Commission, Public Transportation Commission, Council on Environmental Quality, State Properties Review Board, Coastal Management Program, Department of Economic and Community Development, Transportation Strategy Board, and more;
6464 -- An Act Concerning Coordinated Preservation and Development -- Defines smart growth and requires the Face of Connecticut Steering Committee to review applications for open space and watershed land grants, purchase of development rights for agricultural land, grants to restore historic structures ad brownfield remediation requests against smart growth criteria; 6465 -- An Act Concerning Smart Growth and Transportation Planning -- Defines smart growth and requires the Transportation Strategy Board to evaluate transportation projects against smart growth criteria;
6466 -- An Act Concerning Projects of Regional Significance -- Defines projects of regional significance and enables regional planning organizations to establish a voluntary process for preapplication preview which includes state, local and regional officials;
6467 -- An Act Concerning Smart Growth and Plans of Conservation and Development -- To define smart growth and require vertical integration of plans

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