Sunday, February 15, 2009

How the recession could reshape the country

Richard Florida has a long, provocative article in this month's issue of The Atlantic on how the (very deep) recession will probably reshape the development patters of the country, and what cities can do to jump start their prosperity. Besides giving some really dismal information (average home price in Detroit: a bit of $18,000), it is remarkable how many of the changes relate to smart growth, and how Florida argues that denser, more integrated and flexible regions are what will drive a city forward.

Well worth a read, at least to have a bit of a bird's eye view of the issues at hand. If Florida is write, Connecticut might be in a fairly good position to thrive and prosper by thinking regionally not just within but also beyond its borders. Building infrastructure to connect the state effectively and efficiently both to Boston and New York City is urgent, and the plans should go beyond relying in piece meal upgrades of the existing rail links and institutional arrangements.

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