Monday, February 16, 2009

Appropriations hearing on a batch of smart growth items.

It’s a big year for smart growth in the Connecticut General Assembly! There are quite a few bills before the General Assembly addressing policy and funding concerns.

This post invites you to weigh in on the budget side. Funding for programs that restore historic properties, clean up brownfields, finance transit oriented development, subsidize affordable housing, preserve farmland, and protect open space are all slated for significant cuts or elimination in the Governor’s Budget (Bill 6375 LCO # 3036). for the text.

Please let members of the Appropriations Committee know that investing in smart growth now has immediate and long-term benefits to Connecticut’s environment, economy and people. In the short-term smart growth investments will leverage federal stimulus dollars to create or maintain more jobs. Long-run benefits include a robust economy, lively attractive communities, locally-grown food, and cleaner air, water, and natural habitats.

The Appropriations Committee will have a public hearing on the Governor’s Budget tomorrow, February 17th, at 6:30 in the Legislative Office Building. There will be a lottery to determine speaker order. Testimony is limited to three minutes. The committee requests 35 copies of written testimony. Please let me know if you’d like 1000 Friends to help you sign up.

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