Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2009 Master Transportation Plan


ConnDot recently released its 2009 Master Transportation Plan. Give it a read, and share your comments.

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  1. It is pretty long, and I have only given a quick look, but some thoughts:

    - CT is really good at writing plans for the future.
    - Of course, CT never really gets to that future.

    - Metro North Catenary replacement! Only 50 years late!
    - Route 7 bypass in Brookfield: my favourite road in the state, ruined. And to tell the truth, I am not sure we want to get more cars on the road there, specially considering that extending the Danbury line would be more useful and probably cheaper.
    - The pyramids of Egypt were build faster than the CTC in the Danbury branch. It was urgent 10 years ago. Same for the signaling upgrade to the main branch; it has less capacity -and average speeds- now than when the NH ran it.
    - I thought that the Bus Line from New Britain to Hartford was dead. Almost glad that is still holding on.
    - I-84 West of Waterbury really doesn´t need more capacity.
    - The New Haven-Hartford-Springfield line is only at the "environmental assessment" stage? The line opened 150 years ago; if I am not mistaken, it even was fully double tracked for decades. It should be shovel ready!

    In general too little transit, not too many bad new road projects, and a lot of plans for things that should have been there long ago.