Friday, October 28, 2011

Commissioner Esty Applauds 1000 Friends of Connecticut

Several new faces joined 1000 Friends of Connecticut last night in the City Trust Building Complex, a mixed-use development located centrally in downtown Bridgeport, for an intimate meet-and-greet with Mayor Finch of Bridgeport and Commissioner Dan Esty of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

1000 Friends of Connecticut provided members of the community and important key-players in Bridgeport with a unique opportunity to shake hands with Mayor Finch and Commissioner Esty and to learn more about issues that affect their everyday lives at an exclusive Leadership Reception.

Afterwards, the two public officials spoke to the public on their respective initiatives and the prospects of furthering a Smart Growth agenda as engines of growth wake from the recession all around us. Commissioner Esty stressed the importance of partnerships in this critical time--not only between local, state, and the federal government--but the cross-sector partnerships that 1000 Friends of Connecticut and its Smart Growth agenda represents. The Commissioner gave thanks to 1000 Friends for bringing so many different stakeholders to one table and for embracing the type of collaboration that's required to address our state's limited resources and fiscal constraints.

Mayor Finch and Commissioner Esty both reported that bright times are ahead, but reaching it and maintaining it requires commitment not only from the government, but on the ground as well. Join the thousands in our collaboration to curb sprawling development by signing up for our Campaign to Grow Connecticut Smart or by making a contribution. Get more information at our web site. While you're there, register to hear Commissioner Redeker at the 2nd Speaking Event in our Fall Speaker Series!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Commissioner Dan Esty to Speak about Smart Growth

Bridgeport, CT—Commissioner Dan Esty of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will be speaking to the public on his agency’s visions for creating a sustainable development model supported by smart land-use decisions that integrate rational mass transit, economic development, and smart-energy practices on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 6:30 P.M at the City Trust Building Complex in downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The free event kicks off 1000 Friends of Connecticut’s fall speaker series, “Putting Connecticut Back on its Tracks,” which aims to highlight the rare opportunities our regions face in curbing the sprawling development that has turned our highways into parking lots every morning and every evening during rush hour. The series as a whole speaks to the prospect of furthering a Smart Growth agenda as the fiscally responsible solution to our state’s economic and environmental threats.

Nichole Strack, 1000 Friends’ Executive Director, stated, “As we speak, Governor Malloy is focusing his attention on economic growth and job creation. With the legislative session a few short months away, we have our best opportunity in years to make a difference on smart land-use planning and economic development.”

Susan Merrow, 1000 Friends’ Chair of Directors, added, “This event gives our stakeholders and our public officials a perfect occasion to break free from the frustration of finding themselves working in silos and we are all excited to contribute to the dialogue that will continue into next year’s legislative session.”

1000 Friends of Connecticut, a statewide Smart Growth education and advocacy non-profit, will host two more events this fall, featuring Commissioner James Redeker of Connecticut’s Department of Transportation in New Haven and Commissioner Catherine Smith of the Department of Economic and Community Development in Hartford. For more information, visit the group’s web site at