Monday, September 14, 2009

Smart growth & local elections

"Smart growth is just a euphemism for controlled, centralized planning by the apparatchiks of the Democratic Party and the permanent government. It's an elitist, centralized planning model that decides who gets to build.'' Chris Keating quoted Republican Party Chair Chris Healy on smart growth in his blog.

Smart Growth means putting the right development in the right places. It's good development, plain and simple, circumspect and outcomes-oriented. It seeks to benefit our economy, our environment and our society.

Members of your town committees will be out in force the next few weeks looking for your vote for the Board of Selectmen, Town Council, Mayor, Zoning Board, etc. Take time to educate them on the theory and practice of smart growth.

Ask for their commitment to, if elected, adopt plans, implement policies and prioritize investments to support smart, sustainable development in our towns & regions.

You got to hand it to Healy, his rhetoric is plenty entertaining. But what we need, given the challenges we face, is sensible, sober, smart growth.

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