Friday, September 25, 2009

Bond Commission Approves Funding for West Haven Station

Some Democratic legislators were a little bit cranky about it, but the Bond Commission, meeting for the first time since April, approved $103 million for the West Haven Train Station.

The crankiness seems justified. The legislature approved the project based on a Department of Transportation estimate half this big. ConnDot's original estimate to build the station was $49 million, a somewhat later estimate came in at $60 million. The spokesperson from ConnDOT said the agency is reworking how they estimate projects and assured the legislators the agency would do better in the future.

A quick Web search on the evolution of the project's plans came up empty. The Congress for the New Urbanism hosted a community charette on the project last year. At that time, plans were already well on underway. Were any of its recommendations included? There is this plan for the station, but is this what they're building?

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