Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Smart Growth Legislative Sucesses

Congratulations and thank you! The final gavel of the 2009 legislative session fell at mid-night last night. It punctuated successful bipartisan efforts for smart, sustainable growth.

Bills passed that will:
• define smart growth and make it integral to the state’s planning,
• encourage regionalism,
• finance green developments near transit,
• expedite the cleanup and reuse of polluted sites,
• prop-up struggling dairy farmers,
• protect a dedicated revenue source, the Community Investment Account, for
affordable housing, open space, farmland and historic preservation, and
• make streets friendlier to cyclists, walkers and transit users.

These successes shine a light on the power of strong coalitions and passionate & dedicated champions.

Thank you to Representative Sharkey; Representative Berger; Representative Kehoe; all the members of the Smart Growth Working Group; all the members of the Brownfield Task Force; the coalition of bicycle and pedestrian advocates; the smart growth developers working for the tax credit; the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities and especially the cities of New Haven, Waterbury and Stamford; the dairy, farmland, open space, historic preservation and affordable housing advocates; and a special thanks to the Members of the Campaign to Grow Connecticut Smart!

Connecticut is rich with leaders, visionaries, reasonable compromisers and hard-fighters. Because of you, its future is bright!

Please take time to thank the leadership and members of the House and Senate. Then pat yourself on the back and thank your colleagues and fellow advocates. You did a great job!

Finally, please urge the Governor to pass the bills and celebrate our smart, sustainable, responsible growth.

Yours, H

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