Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An Act Concerning Projects of Regional Significance

Passed unanimously in the House and Senate in the January to June 2009 Session of the Connecticut General Assembly

This legislation requires regional planning organizations to come up with a process for applicants of very large projects – 500,000 square feet of indoor commercial or industrial space, 250 housing units in structures shorter than four stories, or with 1000 parking spaces – to meet with representatives of state agencies and neighboring municipalities at the beginning of the projects.

These meetings would be mandatory for state agency staff, and one representative from impacted towns in the region would be required to attend. Still, no decisions made in the meetings would be binding.

The goal is to bring all the regulators to the same page early on in a project so approvals can flow in a more timely way.

The bill provides no additional funding to the regional organizations to manage these meetings.

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