Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An Act Improving Bicycle and Pedestrian Access

Passed 31 to 4 in the Senate, 123 to 20 in the House in the January to June 2009 Session of the Connecticut General Assembly

This legislation does three things. It requires that a reasonable amount (after October 1, 2010 not less than one percent) of funds dedicated to construction or rehabilitation of highways and streets be used to provide sidewalks, bike lanes, curb cuts, etc. for pedestrians and cyclists.

It creates an eleven-member bicycle and pedestrian advisory board whose charge will be to examine the need for bicycle and pedestrian transportation, promote programs and facilities for cyclists and walkers, and advise state agencies on bike- & pedestrian-friendly policies and programs.

Finally, the legislation requires the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation submit a report on October first of this year and next to the General Assembly. The report will list Special Transportation Fund supported projects that contact bicycle and pedestrian access. The list will spell out the project title, scope, funding source, description and cost of bicycle and pedestrian components, and include the estimated timeframe for project completion.

This legislation says in the State of Connecticut complete streets is our priority.

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