Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Please take time to contact your legislator, ask them to co-sponsor the following bills, raise them in caucus and give them their vote. Reach your legislator by calling:
Senate Democrats: 860/240-8600
Senate Republicans: 860/240-8800
House Democratic Leadership: 860/240-8500
House Democratic Rank and File: 860/240-8585
House Republican Leadership: 860/240-8700
House Republican Rank & File: 860/340-8787

HB5267 An Act Concerning the Use of Small Town Economic Assistance Program Funds to Convert Prime Farmland to Nonagricultural Uses = prohibits STEAP grants from converting prime farmland to any other use.

HB 6097 An Act Concerning Brownfields Development Projects = 1. allows brownfield remediation and redevelopment of historic mills within the floodplain so long as a) new development is within the existing footprint, b) residential units are above the floodplain; 2. establishes a remediation timeframe and 3. allocates $200 million for brownfields cleanup.

HB 6389 An Act Promoting Regionalization = creates two grant programs ($10 million and $40 million) for towns for regional incentives and joint equipment purchasing.

HB6464 An Act Concerning Coordinated Preservation and Development = requires the Responsible Growth Steering Council to screen farmland preservation, open space, historic preservation and brownfield grant-funded projects for compliance with smart growth principles.

HB 6465 An Act Concerning Smart Growth and Transportation Planning = requires the Transportation Strategy Board screen transportation projects for compliance with smart growth principles.

HB 6467 An Act Concerning Smart Growth and Plans of Conservation and Development = 1. defines smart growth, 2. establishes smart growth principles, and requires their full integration in state economic, development, land preservation, and transportation plans and 3. local and 4. regional conservation and development plans.

HB 6585 An Act Concerning Regionalism = allows a portion of the sales tax to be shared on a regional basis so long as the regions meet criteria including adopting a regional comprehensive economic development strategy.

1000 Friends also supports: SB1033 An Act Establishing a Tax Credit for Green Buildings, RB1106 An Act Concerning the Process of Remediation of Releases of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Substances, HB 6466 An Act Concerning Projects of Regional Significance, HB 6504 An Act Concerning Recommendations of the Face of Connecticut Steering Committee, HB6589 An Act Concerning Land Use Appeals; HB6588 An Act Concerning Training for Local Land Use Commissioners; HB 6586 An Act Concerning Expedited Economic Development Permit Application Teams; HB 6387 An Act Concerning Small Town Economic Assistance Program; HB 5544 An Act Concerning Regional Economic Development Plans.

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