Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DOT Commissioner will Chair National Public Transportation Committee

Department of Transportation

FOR RELEASE: March 2, 2009
TELEPHONE: (860) 594-3062
FAX: (860) 594-3065
WEB SITE: www.ct.gov/dot 

Commissioner Marie Named Chair of Key AASHTO Committee

          Connecticut Department of Transportation Commissioner Joseph F. Marie has been named chairman of the Standing Committee on Public Transportation, one of the key committees under the umbrella of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).


          The appointment was announced jointly by AASHTO Executive Director John Horsley and President Allen D. Biehler, who is also Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.


          “This appointment is especially timely as federal stimulus funds make their way to the states, as Congress gears up for debate on the federal transportation reauthorization bill and as Connecticut sharpens its focus on regional public transportation solutions,” Commissioner Marie said, noting the purchase of new rail cars for the Connecticut-New York commuter corridor and the planned Hartford-New Haven-Springfield commuter rail line.


          “The Standing Committee on Public Transportation at AASHTO develops all major standards and recommends policies for public transportation programs, urban and rural mass transit, commuter rail, intercity bus, ridesharing, paratransit and specialized transit facilities for the elderly and handicapped,” Horsley said.


          Governor M. Jodi Rell, who has championed public transportation as the best way to reduce congestion on Connecticut highways, congratulated Commissioner Marie on the appointment.


          “In his brief tenure here, Commissioner Marie has proven himself to be an innovative, solution-oriented administrator and I am confident his leadership in Connecticut will translate seamlessly to the national level through AASHTO,” the Governor said.


          Joe Marie was appointed commissioner of the Connecticut DOT last April by Governor Rell.


          AASHTO, based in Washington, is composed of the directors of the various state Departments of Transportation and is a key voice in Washington in shaping state and federal transportation issues.



  1. Religious Discrimination by US Department of Transportation

    The application file on November 10, 2008 with the department of Transportation ( hereinafter “ department”) pursuant to section 13b- 103 of the /Connecticut General statutes, as amended , Ajmal Mehdi d b a Medics Transportation ( Hereinafter “ application”) located at 511 pine street Bristol Connecticut seek authorization to operate four (4) motor vehicles, having a seating capacity of ten (10) adults or less , in general livery service between all points in Connecticut USA from a headquarters in Bristol CT USA.

    Source: New Britain Herald

    Ad Id: 14145954

    LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by the Bureau of Finance and Administration 2800 Berlin Turnpike Newington Connecticut on Friday May 8 2009 at 10:00 a.m. in Conference Room B on Docket No. 0811-N-181-L for the application of Ajmal Mehdi DBA Medics Transportation. Pursuant to the provisions of Sections 13b-103 and 4-177 through 182 of the Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) Ajmal Mehdi DBA Medics Transportation seeks authorization to operate four (4) motor vehicles having a passenger seating capacity of ten (10) adults or less in general livery service between all points in Connecticut from headquarters in Bristol. Parties and interveners requiring an interpreter (translator) for this public hearing may make arrangements by contacting the Department of Transportation 's Administrative Law Unit at (860) 594-2875 at least five (5) working days prior to the hearing. Deaf and hearing impaired persons wishing to attend this public hearing or requiring an interpreter may make arrangements by contacting the Department of Transportation 's Office of Communications at (860) 594-3062 (VOICE ONLY) at least five (5) working days prior to the hearing. If the hearing is postponed due to inclement weather the hearing will be rescheduled for the next available date. For any questions regarding postponements please call (860) 594-2875. CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Linda Dillon Secretary Bureau of Finance and Administration


    Department of transportation failed the application based on our religious belief not based on facts.

    Based on Hearing, fact, Discussion, and witness we feel that conclusions is simply based on Religious Discrimination . We would like to petition the matter to United State Congress, United State Senate and U S Department of Transportation to reopen this application and investigate this case.

    2. We believe any kind of negative discrimination such as racism, sexism and religious persecution are crimes against humanity. We cannot endorse sole progression of man from animal as it rejects spiritual evolution. We will respect all human kind. Divine Law of Adam (Jesus & Mehdi )

  2. Parson Interviewed : Ajmal Mehdi - D B A Medics Transportation
    Interviewer: Nancy Bryant, D O T Equal Employment Opportunity of CT.
    Date: August 7th, 2009
    Question #1- in your complaint you note that, “ based on the hearing, fact, discussion and witnesses you feel that the conclusion is based on religious discrimination. Please explain.

    I Ajmal Mehdi son of Mr. Islam, father of Adam Mehdi have Human Faith, which is a religion of god (Rab) of humanity ( Rabi ) a monotheistic faith. We believe in divine affirmation and that serving human beings is gods will. All the witnesses were from broken families and needed help. They knew me and I have helped them in the past. I believe that the DOT is driven by money, color and race. They do not have hearts. We have lost moral values and that is why we have filed this complaint. Based on my complaint, DOT should be more open to the public and not just to people with big names, money, certain color or heritage.
    In God (Rab) we Trust we Have Faith In Humanity (Rabi).

    Question #2- What is your Religious affiliation?

    I was born in a Jewish family of Muslim faith and then converted to monotheistic faith of humanity which is human faith. I believe in one god and pray to him 5 times a day.

    Question #3-After reviewing the file and the final decision, it appears that all guidelines were followed for handling your application. The final decision was based on lack of evidence to support public convenience and necessity for general livery services. If you do not agree please explain.

    Three witnesses appeared at the hearing

  3. Two witnesses had complaints that they could not get to doctors appointments due to livery services and lost those doctors because of it. Mr. McIntyre was homeless in the past and had to walk 3-4 miles to get to his appointments or wait in the rain for hours for a taxi. The taxi’s were always busy serving the Medicare people where they get their money from. Another person was being charged $60 to go to Stop & Shop.

    When I was a taxi driver, I served everyone. We (taxies/liveries) are money driven services. The livery service in the area is monopolized by 3-4 companies. If I see someone who needs a ride and seems poor then I will help them and give them a ride for free.

    But the transcript of the hearing revealed that you would be charging he same rates and there is a minimal fee. Therefore, wouldn’t it cost the witness approximately the same price ?

    If you had a headquarters in Bristol, the cost will be less. There is no taxi service in Bristol where I would be located. There is one in Plainville. The poor are victims. The DOT is using them as commodities , not human beings. I believe that I provided substantial evidence. Poor people are treated differently by they dress and their status.

    Question #4- According to the guidelines you have the right to petition DOT for reconsideration within 15 days of receiving the final decision. Have you done that?

    I emailed my petition. Just go on the computer type in Religious Discrimination by DOT - Medics Transportation. I typed a petition to 3 different people. I have 100 people who can sign the petition.

    Question #5- the guidelines also state that you have the right to Appeal the decision with Hartford/New Britain superior court where you reside. Have you appealed the decision in either court ?

    I called Hartford Superior Court. They want me to get an attorney. There is no information online on how to file it. You need an attorney to figure it out because it is very complicated. If it comes to that, I will do that too. I believe I have 1 year to do this. I have not done it there is no rush.

    Question #6- are you aware that the Hearing Officer to your case is also a Muslim and a Jewish?

    No. I did not know. But they work for you guys and have different ideals. All religions are personal beliefs. I don’t follow the same chain command as others do. I believe in one God not in money, race and color.

    Question #7- is there anything else you would like to tell me?

    Would you like to ask anything?

    Ms. Nancy Bryant of Equal Employment Opportunity of DOT . No Thanks

    The conclusion of this session have not yet been received. Medics DBA Ajmal Mehdi is still waiting for the answer.

  4. The Twelve Stones of Paradise !

    July 11, 2009

    Abu was an athlete and a scout in Multan Pakistan and one night at the scout camp in a remote city of Multan he found a rock which was different from other rocks at that night they set a wood fire to cook shish kebabs and potatoes for dinner. While they were cooking the food on the fire Abu threw the rock into the fire and the rock started to glow a ember red color.

    After a couple hours they put the fire off with water. In the morning when Abu got up he noticed thousands of ants near the area where he threw the rock, the ants were sucking on the metal remains of the stone. That made Abu surprised on why the ants were eating the rock.

    That day Abu went home and prayed to his God ( Rab) and asked heavenly light why the ants were gathered together near the rock and were eating it or sucking that melted piece of rock. The answer was cluster of cells send a electric signal to different parts of body from your heart to brain and stomach to keep you going is from the dust of that stone.

    Blessing on humanity (Rabi) from Mehdi (Imam) and Adam (Jesus) the father and the son with Holy Spirit!

    Time went by quick and Abu happened to be in a city of mountain and saw some of people mining rocks and looking for uranium and other solid mineral deposits from the dough of God (Rab). The head of the crew was Mr. John Atheist a retired army officer was a very intelligent member of mining team who had no interest in God (Rab) but in small pieces of rocks and metals. Abu tried to talk to John but Mr. Wiseman was driven by color, name and proud of power and didn’t like to talk to a smelly ,dusky, dirty cloth wearing human being.

    Abu went back to the hotel, changed and got ready for a game but didn’t play soccer in the city because of a religious order that doesn’t allow men to wear shorts in the city, the issue got into an argument and the game was canceled . At that evening Abu walked into the House of God (Rab) to pray and saw a young kid sitting in the corner who’s one leg was chained . Abu asked the 9 or 11 year young kid why he was chained he replied that I am not a good student so my teacher chained me to pay attention and concentrate on reading and writing .

    Abu walked in the room to see teacher. Abu asked him why the young kind was chained up, the teacher replied that he doesn’t pay attention on educations just to scare him . Abu tried to explain that you can chain an animal but not Human Beings. The teacher asked Abu why he was there and Abu replied that his friend had died and wanted him to pray for his soul or reincarnation . Abu gave the teacher $ 100 dollars for food for kids and for pray. The head teacher asked abu the name of his friend for pray and abu said “ Ajmal Mehdi ”

  5. Time went by quick and Abu happened to be in a city of Miami USA where he got job next to a high school . He was shocked to see the abuse of freedom and use of drugs and disrespect towards teachers and parents in an demarcated country that is going toward classless political system of pleasure and good time of atheism. Abu got laid off from his job and came back home and pray to God (Rab) and asked heavenly light what happened to the sense of balance of Human Kind.

    The answer was abuse of freedom and power.

    Human faith is a religious of Saint Human Faith and Adam‘s monotheistic faith and knows that God (Rab) is the creator and overseer of the universe at all the time and all matters. Saint Human Faith does not support culture of
    Drug users
    Money lover
    The waves of fresh air with small particles full of wisdom and oxygen of (Rabi) are in the air it is just matter of time when they touch the brain to change the heart. Human Faith is heavenly light of knowledge restriction on sacred light is eclipse on humanity and blasphemy. Human Faith is a religious of God (Rab) of humanity (Rabi). The definition of humanity (Rabi)in our faith is the quality of being humane and respectful for life.

    The Divine Affirmations of human faith are the commandment of God (Rab) of Humanity (Rabi). The crime against the Divine Affirmations is blasphemy and great disrespect for our God (Rab) of humanity (Rabi).

    Human faith teaches not only moral values it can give realistic purpose of achieving complete fulfillment of internal life. Our method of understanding both the universe and life is based on unlimited confidence in individual by teaching respect of nature and God ( Rab-Ul-Aalameen ).


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