Monday, May 4, 2009

Picture It. Then, Make it Happen

Imagine your neighborhood grown smarter. Hard to see? Not anymore with a new online tool from the The Natural Resources Defense Council.

This dynamic "Picturing Smart Growth" tool shows how sprawling, unwalkable places around the US could become more livable and sustainable with just a little bit of work.

NRDC's Kaid Benfield explains, "Open the map, zoom in on a location, without leaving our web site, you will be shown a Google Maps satellite view of the existing site, given some context about the metro area, and treated to a brief slide show demonstrating how each can be converted, step-by-step, from sprawl, vacant property or disinvestment into a lively, beautiful neighborhood." You can explore 70 different locations from coast to coast. (

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  1. What a fantastic site. Thank you for posting!