Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday links: changing habits

While no one was looking, it looks that Americans are changing their habits in very significant ways.

  • Driving less: We are using the car less that we used to, even after gas prices have come down again back to earth after last year's spike. Nate Silver crunches the numbers, and he sees signs that the change of habits strongly suggests a long term trend.
  • The new exurbs: the suburbs are changing - and not all suburbs are created equal. Ben Adler chronicles the tale of two very different Washington DC suburbs (one walkable and transit friendly, the other car oriented) and how the former is being mostly unaffected by the real state crunch. Americans might like having transit options, after all.
  • Why high speed rail is necessary: Richard Florida (someone I link a bit too often) talks on how a high speed rail network would be a huge smart growth boost for the economy.

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