Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smart Growth and Transportation Bill Dies

HB6465 An Act Concerning Smart Growth and Transportation Planning died in the Transportation Committee today.

Thanks to the five yes votes: Rep. Caruso, Rep. Fontana, Rep. McCluskey, Rep. Morin and Rep. Sayers.

The bill would have required the Transportation Strategy Board to screen all transportation bond requests for compliance with smart growth and report to the bond commission its findings. It would have also required the TSB to prepare a capital investment plan for transportation.

The bill was flawed. Still, the policy objectives are valid -- transparency, accountability, and strategically targeting our transportation dollars.

The House and Senate head into session later this week.

1000 Friends has the following priority bills: 6097 An Act Concerning Brownfield Development, 6464 An Act Concerning Coordinated Preservation and Development, 6467 An Act Concerning Smart Growth and Plans of Conservation and Development, and 6585 An Act Concerning Regionalism.

In addition, we support the following smart growth bills: SB 384, HB5267, HB 6387, HB6463, HB 6466, HB 6588, HB 6589, SB 888, SB 1033.

For more details, www.cga.ct.gov or contact us at INFO at 1000friends-ct.org or call 860/523-0003.

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